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Grow Your Jamberry Downline

List of 55 ways to grow your Jamberry downline fast

Need to grow your Jamberry mlm downline faster? There are many different ways. And each focus in on some special aspect of training.


Launch your business – to get sales, people need to know about your business
Use this downline building service
Send out samples and catalogues to friends and family
Create a public profile so you can be found i.e. Facebook business page
Wear your jams
Build a list of warm leads here's how
Carry samples when out in case someone compliments your nails
Promote new products
Offer occasional incentives
Hostess of the month club
Contact past customers or hosts about seasonal products and new releases
Send a regular email update to customers with links to your website
Upsell (bundles, buy 3 get 1 free, mini heater)
Share regular videos and info on your biz page highlighting different products
Catalogue letterbox drop in your neighbourhood
Get jams on hands (one on one application sessions are perfect)
Allow interested guests to try a TruShine accent nail at parties to boost gel sales
Offer free post when placing a bulk order
Ask to leave a catalogue and contact details at local businesses (medical centres, beauty salons, offices)
3– 3– 3 follow up – 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months after orders to increase chances of repeat orders
Booking Parties
Ask friends or family to host
Contact past hosts when a new catalogue launches
Ask repeat customers or big spenders who love the product
Ask someone who loves the products but doesn’t have much to spend
Hold a mystery host party
Hold seasonal/themed events online and in home (Retiring wraps party, Christmas shopping event, mummy & me)
Vendor events
Booking cards or other booking games at parties
Offer hostess bonus incentives for holding a party at a specific time
Workplace parties – catalogue or in person either during a break or after work
Full service check out – always ask your guests at parties if they would like their own fun party
Make your parties so fun, no one could resist hosting one of their own
Battle of the hostesses
Catalogue parties
Think outside the box – Instagram party, lunch break party, party in a box
A series of parties – wrapplication, layering, gel party, lacquer bar
Know your why & share it with others who show an interest
Be passionate about the products and the positive impact on your life
Always offer the 25% or 50% off kit credit to all qualifying hosts – you never know who may be interested
Have fun when hosting parties so others see you enjoying what you do
Follow up with every lead
Set up an autoresponder
Provide opportunity packs to anyone showing interest
Build relationships with guests and customers
Join up a friend so you can motivate one another
Kitnapping – discuss the benefits of being a Jamberry hobbyist (30% discount and great value kit)
Share occasional wins & #becauseofjamberry posts to personal social media
Always wear your jams, and carry samples in case someone notices out and about
Put yourself in situations where you get to meet new people
One on one application sessions lead to great chats!
Never prejudge someone you think won’t be keen
Have an opportunity back with you wherever you go, just in case!
What are your best tips to grow your Jamberry business?



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