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Credit Card: If you want to make a purchase using: Credit Card to complete your order follow the steps below. We use a third party processor to handle our credit card orders.

Click on the buy now button. A new window will open to: www.coinmama.com

Follow the instructions below to pay for your Membership using your credit card or bank transfer.

Step 1:

Click Buy Now. Example: Enter $997 USD then click Buy BTC

Instruction Video: This is how to use Coinmama click here

Step 2: Then signup and log into your coinmama account
Step 3: Next verify your account which takes just minutes
Step 4: Click the "Buy" tab on the left. Enter the amount in USD of the Membership you wish to buy. (ie: Advanced $997) Prices are listed just over to the lower right. Then click buy bitcoin to complete the purchase. (now the bitcoin is in your account)
Step 5:

Next it will say "Enter your bitcoin wallet address", enter this address:


For Amount Enter: $997 USD. Then click "Continue". Confirm payment and click "Send". (this transfers your payment to us).

Step 6: After you've completed your credit card order, please then click here to send us confirmation of your payment.

NOTE: The coinmama payment option is available in most countries, states, and provinces, with a few exceptions. If this payment service is unavailable in your area then click the back button or click here to return to the payment options page to select a different option.

NOTE: Some banks restrict purchases of BTC. If you're getting an error, this could be why. To see the list of these banks click here. To view some solutions click here.

If you require assistance please contact us. Thank you.

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— Lisa Goodwin

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Basic: (50 signups) $297 USD
Standard: (200 signups) $497 USD
Advanced: (500 signups) $997 USD
Pro: (1000 signups) $1497 USD
Elite: (2000 signups) $1997 USD
VIP: (3500 signups) $2497 USD


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