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Checkout Instructions: You can use this method below to buy using: Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Apple Pay to complete your order. Follow the steps below. We use a third party processor to handle our credit card orders.

Click on the buy now button. A new window will open to: https://buy.moonpay.io

Follow the instructions below to pay using your: credit / debit card, bank transfer, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Step 1:

Click Buy Now. That opens the "buy.moonpay.io" payment processing site.

Step 2:

Click on Currency and choose BTC. Under Amount, enter the amount of the membership plan you want. (ie: $997 Basic Membership) Then click Buy Now.

Step 3:

Then copy and paste our BTC Address (show in blue below). Paste it into the wallet address field on MoonPay as shown below. Also do not type in the btc address to avoid any errors. Then click Buy Now.

Click the copy button to copy our BTC code. Or just highlight and copy the code shown in blue below. Then paste it into MoonPay (ctrl+v, or just right click and paste)


Step 4:

Enter your email address, and click "Continue".

Step 5:

Verify Your Email. Then click Continue to proceed.

Step 6: You'll be asked to provide additional contact information about yourself, then click Continue to proceed.
Step 7: Add your credit/debit card to use for the purchase and then review the purchase amount and transaction fee (4.5% typically). Click Buy Now.
Step 8: Transaction will be completed shortly. You will receive an email order confirmation. If you have any problems please contact us.
Step 9: Important: Once your moonpay order is completed, then be sure to send us confirmation of this by Clicking Here 

NOTE: The moonpay payment option is available in most states, provinces and countries, with a few exceptions. If you've attempted to use Moonpay but discover that this payment service is unavailable in your area, then click here to return to the payment options page to select a different option. If you require assistance please contact us. Thank you.

If you require assistance please contact us. Thank you.

Choose Your Membership (Save 50% when you order today)
Basic Membership: 125 signups
now just  $997 USD
Advanced Membership: 500 signups
now just  $1997 USD
VIP Membership: 1000 signups
now just  $2497 USD

Note: This payment option is available in most countries globally. If this payment option for some reason does not work, then please select one of the other options avaliable from the previous menu. Thank you.

Note: Moonpay currently is not supported in: New York, Hawaii and Rhode Island. Please use one of the other payment options on the previous menu.

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In just five days now I've seen 14 new sign-up's join my downline. I am also now able to show new sign-up's how to use this system to rapidly expand. By far the easiest service I've ever used to grow my downline. This has been a great experience for me. Cheers!"

Anne Nichols

Choose Your Membership
Basic: 125 Signups $997 USD
Advanced: 500 Signups $1997 USD
VIP: 1000 Signups $2497 USD


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