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Affiliate Back Office Login

Click on Step 1 below to get your passwords. Then go to Step 2 and click Login. You'll be prompted to enter your Login ID and Password in order to access the back office "Affiliate Area". (Also be sure to write them down)

STEP 1:  

   Click Here to Login


* Make sure you're using the browser "Chrome", "Firefox" or "IE". Click on the blue "Log In" button above and when prompted enter your login ID and Password that was emailed to your paypal email address.

* If you copy and paste the login and password be sure not to have any spaces before or after which may cause problems when attempting to login.

* If for some reason you still can't login, you may need to try a different computer, as some computers depending on the location might have restrictions setup to accessing protected directories (ie: at schools, corporate offices etc)

* If you're not a member you can signup by clicking here.

BROWSER: Make sure you're using the browser "Chrome", "Firefox" or "IE". Some other browsers might cause problems like unexpected error messages. If you're not user one of these browsers google search their name and download Google Chrome for best results. Then try logging in again using Chrome.




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