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Gig Work

GIG WORK PROGRAM: Earn $20 per hour*
Assignment #1: Create website review video

Thank you.

"Congradulations, your application has been accepted. You can begin working below".

Complete these simple tasks below to earn income now. Select one or more tasks. Do them one by one, submiting your completed work each time you're done by clicking Submit Work. Click Accept & Work to begin earning.

Task Description Reward
Video Create website review video $20.00
Video Create animated explainer video $20.00
Facebook Do postings to Facebook Groups $10.00
I'm Done When you're done your video recording task click on Submit Work Get Paid

SUMMARY: Your application has been accepted. You can now start earning income now by completing small tasks. You will create content for us such as recording youtube videos, such as website reviews. Then submitting your work to us. 5

We will review your work, and then pay you within 24 hours.

Please note that video submissions earn you up to $20.00 usd, paid direct to your PayPal or Bitcoin address. You can create and submit up to 3 different videos. Then submit your work by clicking here. Next wait for our approval before you do any further tasks.

Work Task #1:


Reward: $20.00 usd

STEP 1: Get in front of your video camera. Either your webcam or smartphone. Record a short 1-5 minute video talking about your experience using MLMRC.com or your experience in exploring our website. (if you're not a member yet).
Here are some:
recording instructions

STEP 2: Introduce yourself and if you're involved in network marketing, talk a bit about the network marketing industry. Or why you're interested in MLM, or talk about your background in the network marketing industry.

STEP 3: How you found the website. And what you liked about the MLMRC website/service. And why you used our service. Or why you're thinking of using us to grow your mlm downline.

STEP 4: Inform your audience of the main functions of the website

STEP 5: Explain to the audience how they can grow their downlines using MLMRC.com (sort of like what you see in the example to the right)

STEP 6: Tell the audiance to click the link in the description below to learn more about MLMRC.com

STEP 7: To get paid: Submit Your Work




Work Task #2: [top]


Reward: $20.00 usd

If you don't want to be on camera, there's a few other options you can use to still create a video.

Make your video about 1-5 minutes in length

OPTION 1: Just do a screen capture of our website index page and record your voice talking about the site. Use a screen capture browser plugin or software.

OPTION 2: Another option is you can use an online animated video creation program such as:

  • https://www.vyond.com
  • https://spark.adobe.com
  • https://biteable.com
  • https://www.animaker.com
  • https://www.animatron.com

Final Step: To get paid click here to: Submit Your Work



Keep each video between 1-5 minutes each if possible. The main goal of each video is simply to share a few main points that you liked about the website and service, and then tell the viewer to: "click on the link in the description below".

Say: "MLMRC dot com" multiple times in the video "ie: so please visit MLMRC dot com and the link is in the description below...."

If you're not sure how to do something, just do some research on youtube on the topic. ie: How to record my first youtube video ...or...vyond.com tutorial.

The theme of the video is to simply record a "promotional piece" for a general audiance (like you see in the above "example"). It's basically to tell others: "hey you can use MLMRC dot com to grow your downline, visit their website now". Simple and straight forward. Also, this is not a critique video telling us how to improve the site.

Excercise your own creativity in the videos you make. There's really no script to follow. Just talk to your camera and tell people what you think in your own words.

Sample video click here (Just point your camera at yourself. Record and tell the world in your own words why you like MLMRC.com.)

FINAL STEP: To get paid: Submit Your Work

Work Task #3: [top]


Reward: $10.00 usd

Post our ad to 10 Facebook groups.

1) Log into Facebook.

2) Join at least 10 groups. The group topics should be things like:

"Affiliate marketing" groups, or "work from home" groups (these 2 themes are the types of groups you'll need to join).

Groups you join must have at least 20,000 members.

3) Copy the information above in the text box. click in the box Press CTRL+C. or anothe way is just highlight the text and then right click "copy".

4) Go to the first group. Under the "Write Post" or "Start Discussion" input box, click inside it, then click "CTRL + V" or just right click and "paste".

5) That will post the message into the input box. Wait a second for it to "fetch" the preview. Then click at the bottom "Post".

6) Then you'll see the post. At the top of the post, beside your name it says "Share a link". Click on: "Link".

7) That brings up your post in an unique browser URL. "Copy" your browser URL. It will look something like:

ie:   www.facebook.com/groups/wfhom/permalink/580705702684910/

And save that to a notepad or txt file so you have it for later when you go to submit your work. Each URL is your "proof of work". You need 10 of those URL's to complete this task. That shows us that you did 10 posts. So when you go to submit your work. You'll submit to us those 10 different URLs.

8) When you have done ten posts. And copied each URL of each post you did. Then you'll Submit the 10 Posts in the final step below.

Final Step: To get paid click here to: Submit Your Work


(Note: This video is just to give you a rough idea of how to join Facebook Groups and Post to Facebook Groups. You do NOT need to create a new facebook account. Also you do not need to follow his posting style exactly. But it shows you basically what Facebook Groups are all about. If you have any questions about this please contact us for clarification. Thank you.)

Submit Your Completed Work Click Here

When you're done your video click the orange button to submit your work. After we review your work, we will pay you the "Reward" within 24 hours direct to your bitcoin wallet. The rewards are usually around $20 dollars. You will be working as a freelancer according to our gigwork freelancer agreement. Plus you'll also earn a $50 dollar bonus reward that can be applied to an MLMRC Membership; if later on you decide you're ready to use our services to grow your MLM downline. Thats it; now get started by recording your first video following the instructions above. If you have any questions please contact our customer support. Thank you.

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conference call Earn up to $20.00 per task
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