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Frequently Asked Questions

Notice: below is our FAQ page for those considering our business opportunity shown here, to become an MLMRC Independent distributor. Our regular FAQ page is on the left side menu.

What is MLMRC?

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How does MLMRC work?
What makes MLMRC different?
How do I get started?
Prove to me this is fully legit?
How do I make money?
How can I find out more about MLMRC?
What kind of income can I make with MLMRC?
MLMRC affiliate program vs the MLMRC business opportunity?
Is there any qualifying for payouts?
How do I get paid?
When do I get paid?
What kind of guarantee do you offer?
After I join what happens next?
What happens after my level 1 matrix fills up?
What is your privacy policy?
Is MLMRC a network marketing company?
Is this opportunity available world wide?
How does spillover work?
Do you provide training?
How long will it take to pay back my investment?
How much will I make?
How do taxes work?
Who is going to buy it?
How do I pay for the original investment?
I'm not from the USA. Can I join this opportunity?
What are the different payment options?
What is the initial investment to join?
Can I pay using cash?
It seems like you mostly take bitcoin?
Can I pay to join month to month?
Do you offer financing options?
What if I can't afford the membership fee?
Can I see your full compensation plan?
Can I do this business part time from home?
How can I contact you?
How do I sign up to be a MLMRC Independent Distributor?
Explain the Sponsor ID?
Will I need to buy inventory?

. What is MLMRC? [top]
  • A: The MLM Recruitment Center™ is a unique marketing agency, that helps network marketers. We are also one of the fastest growing and most recognized authorities in network marketing recruitment, which has been featured in such popular publications as: Fast Company, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Networking Times and others. We also can be found on: Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin and more.

    MLM Recruitment Center™ has been helping Network Marketers from around the globe to rapidly grow their businesses. At this time we've now opened our business opportunity side of the business. Allowing individuals to promote our service and run their own businesses as representatives of our product line.

. How does MLMRC work? [top]
  • A: MLMRC offers a way for network marketers to grow their downlines in the company they are already involved in. We offer services, tools and training to help individuals to better succeed in their current network marketing company. Our focus is centered around around our flagship product which helps individuals to build their mlm downlines.

    Our system is designed to work to increase signups, regardless of what network marketing company you're involved with. So whether you're currently a member of: Amway, ACN, Herbalife, USANA, Arbonne, DoTerra, Avon, Nu Skin or any network marketing company, our service is compatible with them all.

    We're now lauching our network marketing department of our agency. This will allow anyone to join as a Distributor, empowering people with the ability to market our products and service earning them a 50% commission on any sale they make. Plus allowing individuals the opportunity to build their own sales force.
. What makes MLMRC different? [top]
  • A: As you review our opportunity you'll discover we offer many key differences that make us unique. Also positioning our opportunity ahead of a lot of other existing business models. Here are a few of the key advantages to joining MLMRC as a Distributor:

    1) We offer an essential service - which is in extremely high demand. (product overview: www.mlmrc.com)

    2) Ground Floor - Get in now during our launch phase. People joining now stand to potentially get rich

    3) Comp Plan - Offers 50% retail. Plus you can advance up to 10 levels. www.mlmrc.com/compplan.htm

    4) Profits - Earn between $500 and $1250 usd per sale. Profitability: 1 sale x 4 weeks x 500 = $2,000 per month

    5) Spillover - 2x2 matrix means you get free downline signups. And you get paid on each one.

    6) No filling your garage with expiring products. Our in-demand services are all provided online. And meet a "pressing need", not a want.

    7) Get paid via Bitcoin or PayPal, on the 1st and 15th of each month

    8) No monthly minimums to qualify to earn commissions. Whether you make 1 sale or 100, you get paid like clockwork!

    9) Be part of a movement that's reshaping the industry. Our revolutionary pioneering technology in the form of our ARS system is one of the most cutting edge solutions the network marketing industry has ever seen.

    10) Join a community of like minded people who have a desire to truly work together to help each member to reach their goals; both financially and professionally.

    11) 2020 Launch: An opportunity for you to actually get in right at the beginning before the masses find out. Lock in your position today.

    12) Work with network marketing industry professionals who can be your mentors and help you succeed.

    13) Full training and ongoing support. We show you what to do step by step. This is an easy business!

    14) High Ticket: Earn $500 minimum per sale! You’re the boss — run your business around your lifestyle!

    As you can clearly see our home based business opportunity offers a lot of key advantages over much of what you'll find out there. Ultimately allowing anyone who joins as a Distributor to be able to successfully own and operate their own business.

. How do I get started? [top]
  • A: The steps to join are as follows:

    1) First click here to review our business opportunity page

    2) Read over and when you're ready you can enroll online here

    3) If you need additional help signing up, contact customer service here

. Prove to me this service is fully legit? [top]
  • A: Now a days it's hard to know who to trust. So to show you that were not some fly by night operation here are some facts:

    1) We've been fully reviewed by McAfee Cyber security. Click here the McAfee icon below to verify.

    2) We've been fully reviewed by Google's new Safe Browsing technology. Verified Safe. Click here to verify.

    3) Google Search: MLMRC reviews - You'll discover hundreds of glowing reviews

    4) As you can see we've had dozens of positive testimonials come in from satisfied users.

    5) You'll find us on most ever social media website. With a large presence and following on: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and many many more.

    6) We offer a 100% money back guarantee, now that's confidence!*

    We look forward to building a mutually beneficial long term business relationship with you. Join today.
. How do I make money? [top]
  • A: As a Distributor you make money by selling our services. This happens by simply sharing your tracking URL with others. You'll share your tracking URL on social media and a variety of other places. When someone clicks your link, then buys, you earn a 50% commission of the sale.
  • A: You also make money as you build your own sales force. You can recruit others into the business and build a team. Earning a commission off of any sales that happen within your downline.
  • See our full compensation plan here: click here
. How can I find out more about MLMRC? [top]
  • A: Google Search for: MLMRC reviews
  • A: Review our Testimonials page here: click here
  • A: Review our About Us page here: click here
. What kind of income can I make with MLMRC? [top]
  • A: For each sale you generate you'll earn $500 USD minimum. For VIP sales you earn $1250 USD.
  • Example: Make 1 sale in a month = You earn $500 USD minimum. $500 x 12 months = $6,000 Annually
  • Example: Make 4 sales in a month = You earn $500 x 4 = $2,000 USD minimum. $2,000 x 12 months = $24,000 Annually
  • Example: Make 30 sales in a month = You earn $500 x 30 = $15,000 USD minimum. $15,000 x 12 months = $180,000 Annually
. MLMRC affiliate program vs the MLMRC business opportunity? [top]
  • A: The affiliate program is designed with Affiliate Marketers in mind. It's designed mainly to be used by those already familiar with Affiliate Marketing. It doesn't offer any ability to build a downline or climb to higher ranks in the payplan. So the ability to really build a sales force and eventually build passive income is limited.

    However, the MLMRC business opportunity is different. It's designed to be used by network marketers. It also includes 1 Basic MLMRC Membership. So you can use it for any mlm business you're doing now.

    The MLMRC business opportunity is your complete business in a box. You're the boss. You'll have your very own online business up and running within 24 hours of joining. It's the complete turnkey system allowing you to run your own business as an Independent MLMRC Distributor. Also you can build a downline and residual income as shown in our
    comp plan.
. Is there any qualifying for payouts? [top]
  • A: No there is no monthly qualifying for payouts. You get paid each month based on the amount of sales you've generated. And or for any commissions generated in your downline organization. To learn more Click Here
. How do I get paid? [top]
  • A: You will be paid to your bitcoin wallet or to your PayPal account, on the 1st and 15th of each calender month.
. When do I get paid?[top]
  • A: Payouts are done on the 1st and 15th of each calender month.
. What kind of guarantee do you offer? [top]
  • A: We offer a 100% money back guarantee. So your 100% safe in joining. (Some terms and conditions apply. Please read our terms for details.)
. After I join what happens next? [top]
  • A: Start by Enrolling to become a Distributor here. Sign up and complete your application fee. We will send you a "welcome email" letting you know that you're now in business! It will include full access to our online private members area of the MLMRC site.

    Next you'll log into the Members Back Office and begin going over all the opportunity details and training for your new online business. If you join now, you'll be open for business in under 24 hours.

    Plus your backed up by our 100% money back gaurantee. Along the way if you have any questions or need help, we'll be here for you 24/7 to assist you. If you're ready to join click here
. What happens after my level 1 matrix fills up? [top]
  • A: After you're level 1 matrix fills up you become a Supervisor. At this a new Level 1 matrix opens. And a Level 2 matrix opens. So you'll have 2 matrices open. You're now a supervisor but you still have a new level 1 matrix open. This new level 1 matrix is for anyone "new" that you're introducing to the business. So anyone new will join your new level 1 matrix.

    Meanwhlie to become a Supervisor you filled the 6 open positions in your very first matrix. So now as each of those six people slowly graduate to your Level 2 matrix, that matrix will slowly fill. Each time someone makes it onto your level 2 matrix you earn $1,000 usd.

    Once you fill your level 2 matrix you graduate up to become a "Manager" (level 3).
    Each time someone in your matrix reaches your level 3 matrix you earn $2,000 usd. Following which the pattern continues. You'll continue growing your income and advancing up the ranks in our company. Our comp-plan allows you to advance up to ten achievement levels. To learn more click here
. What is your privacy policy? [top]
  • A: Yes of course. You can read our Privacy Policy here
. Is MLMRC a network marketing company? [top]
  • A: We do not promote ourselves as network marketing company. Our main focus is providing our downline building service to network marketers which is our fundemental core focus. However, we now offer our new network marketing opportunity; at this time which you can get in on it. Learn more
. Is this opportunity available world wide? [top]
  • A: Yes our opportunity is available world wide. And this is important as it will allow you to build an international business. Before long you could have your own world wide sales force, earning you income off of any sales they generate.
. How does spillover work? [top]
  • A: Spillover is a popular concept in network marketing circles. The diagram below shows how it works. When you join a matrix opens below you. There are six available positions. Two positions directly below you in the matrix; and then 4 more under those, which adds up to six (as seen in the diagram below).

    Once the first 2 positions are filled, then a Distributor can only sign up people below that. As you see in the diagram, that means positions could be filled below you, by your upline. That's called: "spillover". Which means you get free signups. Although you shouldn't rely totally on "spillover", it is one way that your team can start to grow in our program.

    You could also search on Youtube for the keyword: MLM spillover, to watch some videos to understand the concept better.

. Do you provide training? [top]
  • A: Yes. Full training and support is provided in the Members back office. Plus you'll have your sponsor (upline) who might have referred you to our program. They too can offer you additional support and mentorship. Whenever you need assistance we'll be here to help you. We've got you covered!
. How long will it take to earn back my up front costs? [top]
  • A: Your upfront cost to become a Distributor is $997. You'll earn back your startup fee typically within your first month. All that's required would be to make 2 Basic Membership sales (2 x $500 = $1000) and you've recoved your costs. Or even just 1 VIP membership which will earn you $1250. More than your upfront costs. But that's a better case scenario. Lets take a worst case scenario. You join today just to "lock in your position in the matrix". But you get busy with other things and you don't have time to do this business after all. Well you still have 2 options.

    Option 1) You can request a refund in accordance with our 100% money back guarantee.

    Option 2) You can sell your position potentially to an available upline member who might be willing to buy it. Since these top positions are in extremely high demand it likely will be taken very quickly.

    Option 3) If you're upline is very active, they'll be forced to begin placing members into your downline in order to fill their matrix. Within typically a month or two they'll end up placing 2 members into your downline earning you: (2 x $500 = $1000). So you'd make back your inital downpayment based on the built in spillover you gain. At that point those 2 members under you might be very eager to be working on their businesses. So they too could continue building your downline for you. So you can wait and watch your downline begin growing.

    Regardless of whichever option you go with, you'll typically make back your startup fee in a few weeks to a few months, depending on how active you are, and also how active your upline is. Some people have generated their first few sales their very first week of being in business. Plus with our 100% money back guarantee you really have nothing to lose by joining joining today.

. How much money will I make? [top]
  • A: The great part of this business is that it allows you to actually earn as much as you want. Those who have the time to work on it full time typically see a very solid income stream in as little as a few months. Results may vary of course, but this is a great opportunity to signficantly increase your income.

    You'll be earning at the rate of $500 usd per sale (or more). Plus as you climb the ranks in our lucrative payplan you could rapidly begin building your own sales force and generating additional residual income off of your downlines sales volume. So the bottom line is you'll get back what you put in, but the sky really is the limit. Order now.
. How do taxes work? [top]
  • A: Taxes are typically going to be calculated as income being self employeed. Or if you're running your new business under a corporation you set up, it could be a lot less. Taxes are typically different depending on what country you reside in. Therefore MLMRC unfortunately cannot provide any tax advice.

    Once you begin generating income we highly recommend you get professional tax advice from a competent accountant in the jurisdiction in which you reside. Typically it will fall under self employment income. And you'll discover that you can use your new business as a means to expense various items that are associated with running your business; which will save you a great deal of income.
. Who is going to buy it? [top]
  • A: Our services are sold to anyone doing a network marketing business. So anyone that's involved in companies such as: Amway, Herbalife, ACN, Avon, DXN, NuSkin, Arbonne, Ambit, Younique, (and the list goes on and on). Typically individuals engaging in the various network marketing opportunities love what we have to offer.

    Infact, in a double blind research study 9 out of 10 network marketers agreed that they would be willing to use our services to help them grow their mlm business. Plus there's approximately 200,000 new distributors signing up for network marketing companies on a world wide basis each week.

    So you'll discover an unexhaustable supply of clients who can very easily see the high value that our unique service offers them, and sell them on joining. Plus they might even join you as a distributor since our distributorship includes 1 Basic Membership as an added Bonus.
. How long will it take after I make payment to have my business open and activated? [top]
  • A: Typically less than 24 hours after you complete your payment, we'll have you fully integrated and onboarded into our system.
. I'm not from the USA. Can I join the MLMRC home based business opportunity? [top]
  • A: Yes! We welcome network marketers from all around the world. Keep in mind our training and members area is in English. Our service is available to anyone of adult age from around the world. It works for anyone from any country.
. What are the different payment options? [top]
  • A: For your added purchase convenience, our website is set up to accept most every type of payment. Some of the payment options you might need to put through a third party, such as using bitcoin. However, this will still allow you to securely make payment using any major credit card, or Bank Transfer. We also take bitcoin and also cash which you can pay directly to us by going to your local bitcoin ATM. You'll find all our payment options on our checkout screen.

    We accept most every form of payment. Also please DO NOT send any payment by mail. If you want to pay using cash that's fine, select "cash" at checkout and follow the instructions. Start by choosing a membership on our index page and placing your order online. Once your payment is completed we will email you your Login ID and Password so you can log into our system get started. Select your membership here

. What is the initial investment to join? [top]
  • A: Your upfront cost to become a Distributor is $997 usd. This includes both your Distributor account, plus 1 Basic Membership. So you can use that basic membership for any network marketing business that you might currently be involved in.
. Can I pay using Cash [top]
  • A: Yes. We take cash and this is one of the fastest and easiest ways for you to complete your order. Simply follow the instructions shown on the following page to pay using cash. For details click here.
. It seems like you mostly take bitcoin? [top]
  • A: Yes. Although you can pay using your "Credit Card", "Bank Transfer", "Cash" and other forms of payment, it mainly all goes to bitcoin at this time. This dramatically reduces credit card processing fees, of which the savings we pass on to our clients.

    Also, we only use the most trusted third party sites to complete order transactions. So your purchase is 100% safe and secure. You should have no problem checking out when you join.

    Please contact our support department and we will walk you through the order process. Alternatively, just google search: Buy Bitcoin. That will bring up the most popular ways to buy bitcoin in your country, which will allow you to get the ball rolling. Thanks. Any of the payment methods we offer on the checkout pages are 100% safe and secure.

. Can I pay month to month? [top]
  • A: No. Not at this time. You will make payment in one lump sum which covers your membership in full. You will never be rebilled.
. Do you offer financing options? [top]
  • A: Not at this time. If you're seeking a way to afford the Membership you'd like, you could consider these financing solution:

    1) Walmart offers their Walmart MasterCard at any checkout counter. They qualify you in 5 minutes on the spot. Once you have the Walmart card you can then order your membership by selecting "Credit card" at our checkout page.
    Some other ways:

    2) Ask a friend or family member for a short term loan.

    3) Use your savings. order your membership by selecting either: "Cash" at our checkout page.

    4) See if you can access your 401K or GIC funds.

    5) Get a Money Mart or PayDay short term loan or title loan.

    6) Sell off some old stuff you no longer use on Ebay, or your local classifieds.

    7) See if your bank will give you a "line of credit".

    8) SFind a friend who is willing to go in on this as 50/50 partners, with each of you putting in just half ($500 + $500)

    These are some various alternatives if you're looking for a way to finance your purchase. However, please be responsible and don't borrow any funds unless you absolutely have to.
. What if I can't afford the membership fee? [top]
  • A: You stand to easily make back your membership fee within the first few months of joining.*From that point on you're winning! So it makes tremendous financial sense to get started today.

    That said, we understand not everyone might have the upfront 997 fee to get started. Which is why we've developed our "Sponsorship Program". How, this works is you'll email us and letting us know that you want to join as a Distributor but that you require upline sponsorship. We can then contact various existing Distributors who might be willing to sponsor you. If they agree, we will contact you letting you know we've found you a sponsor. The way it works is that if a willing upline sponsor is found, then you'll be able to join as a Distributor for $500.

    Please allow 1-3 weeks as we try and find you a sponsor. (note there's no guarantee of sponsorship). Meanwhile, please ensure you have the available funds ready to join if and when they agree to be your sponsor. Your sponsor will be putting up the other 497 for you to join. The advantage for them is that they become your direct upline in the matrix. So it's basically a win-win scenario. A new program we've developed allowing more individuals an alternative way to get involved.

  • Alternatively if you already are already a Distributor, and you're willing to put up the extra 497 in the event that we need to find a sponsor for new signups, then you can apply to become a Sponsor. Just email us letting us know that you're already a Distributor but that you also want to sign up be a Sponsor. Since you already joined we'll be able to mark you down as someone willing to sponsor others. And you will be contacted if and when someone requires Sponsorship.
. Can I see your full compensation plan? [top]
  • A: Yes. To see our full compensation plan click here.
. Can I do this business part time from home? [top]
  • A: Yes absolutely! This is ideal for those who only have a few extra hours per week to spare, but still want to gain the flexibility and freedom that comes with owning and operating their own homes based business online.
. How can I contact you? [top]
  • A: To contact us by email: click here. We also offer phone support. However, typically due to high call volumes, the faster way to reach us is via "text / sms". So text us at . You'll see our number displayed at the bottom right corner of any page. The reason for texting is simply that it's faster. That saves us time and money and you still get live support.

    Please only use texting for urgent messages (example: I placed my order just now, can you please check on that). We aim to provide the best customer service possible. So feel free to email us or text and we'll get back to you within a few hours tops. We check our texts and emails daily. Thank you.
. How do I sign up to be a MLMRC Independent Distributor? [top]
. Explain the Sponsor ID? [top]
  • A: Your sponsor possibly gave you their Sponsor ID. Use that at the time of checkout.
. Will I need to buy inventory? [top]
  • A: No. Our business functions exclusively online, no inventory required.

"If you're ready to join today as a Distributor, please click here to get started."

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