Legal Stuff

MLMRC provides advertising services to network marketers to promote whichever network marketing companies they are a part of, as well as provides high-level education to network marketers in our members area of the website, both rendered as a service by which the customer can aquire new members to join their network marketing downline. The affiliate program we offer is based on this downline building product we offer. The affiliate program is a means by which anyone who wishes to can promote our website by way of the affiliate program in order to received both commissions off of any sales that are transacted by way of the affiliates unique tracking URL as well as in order for the affiliate to build a team of sub affiliates which can also earn the refering affiliate a commission each time a sub affiliate in their generational tree is responsible for referring a direct sale. In which case the parent affiliate of the sub-affiliate would be paid a commission. Commission amounts for both the direct sale referal as well as a sub affiliate referral are listed on the page: . We do not charge any fees to join our multi-tier affiliate program where affiliates can earn an additional commissions from any sub-affiliate sales, in the standard way you see any 2 tier affiliate program set up. MLMRC pays commissions according to the current compensation plan, which is available on our affiliate.htm page of the site. We do not require or advice that in the course of beginning to conduct online promoting or advertising, that Affiliates spend any money on advertising as they do promotions and advertising online. Affiliates are paid commission on sales in the affiliate program based on our commission structure. Payments are made bi-weekly. Note that it takes hard work to make substantial income as an affiliate and some affiliates might potentially make no money at all, such as in the event that the referring prospects decide not to make a membership purchase on the website: An affiliate is someone who: a) has executed an affiliate application; b) is qualified to earn commissions during the month; and c) has not been terminated or suspended pending a review of their account and or any long term suspension d) has read and agreed to our Affiliate Disclaimer available on the page. An affiliate is considered active if they have earned a commission during the month. An affiliate is considered to be someone who would be definited as someone who is sophistocated, intelligent and highly qualified in online marketing. And they are effectively operating as a sophisticaed online marketer who understands generally how affiliate programs work, and or if they don't will ask the MLMRC staff or find out. The program is subject to occational updates and changes, we will post any such changes to the affiliate.htm page such as policy changes, commission changes, or any other modifications to the program; as an affiliate you understand and accpet any such changes. If you do not accept any changes to the program your sole recourse would be to discontinue your membership as an affiliate. Cookies that track your visitors have no expiry date, so if a prospect comes back at some future date and makes a purchaes you the affiliate will still get credited as long as the visitor didn't clear their cookies from their browser, which is relatively seldom. Our technical staff are constantly monitoring, upgrading and improving our affiliate program, it's software, and the affiliate program overall to ensure that affiliates have a positive experience in the program, however, that being said there's always a chance of technical difficults that could arrise, as the program is run by software that has been developed by third party developers, and could be prown to your typical software related issues. Therefor 100% uptime is never absolute with the affiliate program which you as an affiliate understand and accept. You as an affiliate hereby understand and acknowledge that from time to time the affiliate program could be undergoing things like: maintenance, upgrades, testing, fixes, repairs, and other random events, at which time could temporarily effect the tracking software, however in 99% of the time these types of situations would be a very temporary and will be resolved by our staff over a course of time, sometimes which could last weeks or months..If any permanent delay occures, the program is offline permanantly or for any overly extended period of time (lasting more than 6 months) or we're not accepting new affiliates, or change to the affiliate program are institued that would effect existing affiliates, a notice will be placed on our affiliate page alerting members to such changes. Our goal is to always ensure that any upgrades to our affiliate system has no barring or effect on any affiliate links, our focus is to always make any changes as seemless as possible, however, we cannot in anyway be held liable for any updates or changes to the program that could effect our affiliates. As an affiliate you hereby agree and understand that changes can occur in affiliate programs and you hereby agree to hold MLMRC harmless if any major changes were to occur. If a any major changes occur we will do all we can to ensure that any impact on existing affiliates is minimal and or ideally nill. MLMRC is a professional organization adhereing to the strictest of professional standards and conduct, therefore we request that if you decide to become an affiliate of ours that you be willing to always work with us and conduct yourself as an online professional. We cannot in anyway be held liable for your experience, earnings, or outcome in joining as an affiliate. Like with any afffiliate program there is a chance to make money, or possibly make no money at all if not enough advertising is done by the affiliate, which you understand as an affiliate. As an affiliate you understand that although advertising your affiliate tracking URL should help in generating sales, and gradually should lead to sales, even still it's not any guarantee that you the affiliate will make sales as a result, and you hereby agree that MLMRC cannot be held liable in anyway for what results or earnings you generate or fail to generate as a result of your advertising efforts. If you ever wish to be formally removed as an affiliate please email us this request and we will remove you from the program. MLMRC at there sole diescretion may terminate any affiliate for any reason as they see fit, this might include situations in the event that MLMRC at their sole discretion has deemed that the affiliate has violated some aspect of membership or has behaved in a mannor unbecoming of a professional MLMRC affiliate member.
If you still need help understanding affiliate programs, what they are and how they work, you can google "what is an affiliate program" or search that in youtube to get a better understanding of what affiliate programs are. You the affiliate have agreed to have fully done your due diligence prior to joining, and have received professional legal consultation from an internetn marketing professional advisor or an experienced affiliate marketer before deciding to join or promote products as an MLMRC Affiliate. MLMRC does not guarantee that you will make any money from your use or promotion of our products and services. Incomes of our worldwide affiliates, are minus any refunds and chargebacks, and do not account for any costs incurred by the affiliates. To qualify for a payout an affiliate must have made at least a total of five sales coming from different buyers, different credit cards or menas of payment, and from different IP's or countries; furthermore the affiliate must maintain a minimum rolling reserve account balance of five hundred US dollars, as a reserve against risk of chargebacks, refunds or fraud. Anything above that amount will be paid out to the affiliate. An affiliate needs to have been with the program for at least three months to have made it past the manditory probationary/training period in order to recieve a payout. Typically speaking we try to some minimum insurance safeguards while still valuing the affiliates diligence and efforts and in order to make every effort that an affiliate gets fair, timely and accurate payouts depending on the volume of sales referred and transacted in any given month. Once you join as an affiliate we ask that you visitor our affiliate support page at: affiliate-support.htm which shows you what steps to take to begin advertiseing, we do not recommend you take out any paid advertising before consulting with our staff about your plans first. MLMRC typically will show you a variety of free methods to advertise the program in order to attempt to earn income through it which is detailed on our affiliate support page: . We do not charge affiliates to join the program, or and do NOT charge any monthly fees. This is a standard multi-tier internet affiliate program, and in no way should be thought of as a network marketing program, business opportunity, MLM opportunity, or network marketing business, matrix or pyramid scheme. This program is a typical affiliate program unlike any other standard free to join affiliate programs you'll find on a variety of websites anywhere online. By joining as an affiliate you hereby agree to have carefully read over our affiliate disclaimer, and you fully understand each part of it, and or have received proper legal advice from a trained legal professional specializing in the internet before joining. And our affiliate program in no way works in conjunction with the service itself. They are two very separate aspects of the business. We do not allow affiliates to use the service end of the site to promote the MLMRC affiliate program. Anyone found attempting to use the service to do so will be found in violation of the affiliate program terms of service and terminated as an affiliate. As long as we maintain some basic standards and fair play affiliate practices the program could be generously rewarding for many people who join it and actually take the time to heavily promote it online. You herebay agree to everything described on this page.

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